The Horse Media Group Receives 2017 Equine Media Awards

The Horse Media Group received four awards—including two first place honors—June 17 during American Horse Publications’ (AHP) Equine Media Awards presentations, held at the organization’s 2017 seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Held annually since 1974, the AHP competition provides members an opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments in equine publishing. This year’s edition covered material published in print and online in 2016.

The Horse Media Group was recognized for the following-published material:

First Place

Service to the Consumer Single Article, Circulation 20,000 and Over
28 Entries

Is It My Horse, or Is It Me?
By Christa Lesté-Lasserre
Published in The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care in November 2016

Judge’s Comments: "This is a perfect example of taking a general assignment story and making it personal and intriguing. The use of several 'voices' keeps the writing lively. Lots of work went into this and it shows but the writing looks effortless."

The article has since been featured online.

First Place

Editorial Infographic
Four entries

Sunburn and Horses
Claudia Summers, Artist
Michelle Anderson, Digital Managing Editor
Alexandra Beckstett, Managing Editor
Stephanie Church, Editor-in-Chief
Published on in April 2016

Judge’s Comments: "Sunburn and Horses is an excellent example of what an infographic should look like. The graphics do a great job of defining sunburn, how to spot it, cures, etc., with the treatment of type and artwork. In other words, it uses creative graphics to best communicate the subject matter."

Second Place

Editorial Event Coverage Single Article, Circulation 20,000 and Over
Nine entries

The Science Behind Horsemanship
By Alexandra Beckstett
Stephanie Church, Editor-in-Chief
Published in The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care in January 2016

Judge’s Comments: "Who said science was dull? The writer breathes life into statistics and studies making them engaging and relatable to readers thinking 'That's why my horse does that.' From horse’s long faces, err crow's feet, to the meaning of nervous twitches, the writer has us hooked."

The article has since been posted online.

Second Place

Equine-Related Editorial Series
Nine entries

Racehorse Life
By Tracy Gantz
Stephanie Church, Editor-in-Chief
Alexandra Beckstett, Managing Editor
Published in Off-Track Thoroughbred’s Spring, Summer, and Fall 2016 Issues

Judge’s Comments: "This is a well-written and interesting series. Interesting topics and written at an understandable level. Each piece flows well and makes sense. Simple, yet enjoyable."

Additionally, freelance writer Sarah Evers Conrad entered an article published in The Horse and received accolades for her work:

Honorable Mention

Service to the Horse Industry Single Article
20 entries

Shared Science: Studying Diseases Across Species Can Benefit Horses as Well as People
Sarah Evers Conrad
Published in The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care in September 2016

Judge’s Comments: "A reasoned and competently written report on the similarities between horses and humans through the perspective of the One Health movement, defined as a collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. Interviews with veterinarians are smartly edited and skillfully arranged to keep the narrative moving. These are combined with reports on relevant studies in order to present a fact-based, journalistically sound work that makes sense of an initiative that’s being endorsed by hundreds of scientists, veterinarians, and physicians."

“At The Horse we consistently excel at educating the hands-on horse owner with compelling content, and distilling research messages for busy equine veterinarians and professionals,” said Editor-in-Chief Stephanie L. Church. “Last year was no exception, and I’m so very proud of our team and freelancers for their achievements recognized by AHP in the annual Media Awards Competition. We’re passionate about the topics we cover, and I’m confident it shows in the content we produce, from stories and conference wrap-ups to infographics and other multimedia.”

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